SOYGLOW at IFT Food Expo 2019


IFT Food Expo 2019


At this year’s IFT Food Expo in New Orleans, SOYGLOW is presenting a new model of isolated soy protein for making protein powders and supplements, meal replacement,  weight loss ready-to-drink beverages, soups, and other dairy or dairy-free products.


In the past, people mainly used animal protein as a high-quality protein source (such as meat, milk, eggs, etc.). With the growth of population and the improvement of people’s living standards, the traditional protein supply model has been difficult to meet people’s daily needs. Low-fat, cholesterol-free plant proteins have gradually gained attention.


Protein plays an important role in regulating the physiological metabolism of the human body. Moreover, protein is an indispensable nutrient for human life. Developing countries are generally caught in a crisis of shortage of protein resources. In developed countries, there is a large amount of animal protein intake leading to an increase in the incidence of obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and the like.


Under the background of consumption upgrading, nutrition subdivision has become the development direction of the future nutrition and health industry. The vegetarian source, low fat and zero cholesterol of soy protein isolate have laid a good foundation for becoming a “living force” for special diets. Taking bean-based infant formula as an example, the development of bean-based infant formula powder is mainly for some special people. For example, infants with lactose intolerance or galactosemia, infants in vegan families, and infants allergic to milk proteins can consume bean-based infant formula. In the United States, bean-based infant formula powder accounts for 20%-25% of the overall infant formula market share. About 36% of the one-month-old infants who are artificially fed in the United States consume bean-based infant formula.


Demand for vegan and vegetarian products continues to rise. Plant-based alternatives to dairy products are especially strong growth drivers in this market. To meet the different demands for vegan dairy alternatives, SOYGLOW now is presenting a variety of product models for protein supplements, instant beverage.  SOYGLOW has developed a model that can be used to provide very low viscosity and stable dispersion in solution, with this model, the powder can be dissovled instantly whether in hot or cold water, its low sodium content and very low microbiology highly meet the health needs of bean-based products.


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